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AlwaysCare Benefits is a leading provider of group ancillary benefits and solutions with employer-sponsored and voluntary plans. We make life easier for you by offering our non-medical benefits on ONE bill, with ONE point of contact, ONE in-house customer service center, and ONE self-service website.

Dental Insurance Group Life
We are committed to helping our clients find flexible, affordable dental plans that fit their budgets and needs. Basic and Voluntary Life insurance provides the security of knowing your family will be financially protected.
Vision Insurance Short Term Disability
Our Vision Insurance includes a national network of retail and independent eye care professionals, a variety of plans, and benefits flexibility. A disabling injury hurts physically and financially. Short Term Disability plans provide financial protection and services to help return to work and active lives.
Critical Illness Long Term Disability
On diagnosis of a covered illness, Critical Illness insurance provides a lump-sum cash benefit to help offset hardships that typically accompany a serious illness. Plans feature multiple optional benefits, seamless claims management from short to long term disability, rehabilitation programs, and return-to-work incentives.
Accident Insurance Limited Benefit Medical
Accidents happen without warning, and the cost of injury can be substantial. Our plan provides lump-sum cash payouts when members and their families need it most. Limited Benefit Medical plans pay fixed amounts for certain commonly used medical services for those who do not have access to comprehensive medical coverage.

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