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Important Tips on Using Your Vision Benefits!

Accessing Your Benefits:

Our goal is to make using your benefits as easy and trouble-free as possible. Our online tools help you search for the most up-to-date listing of our participating provider locations in your area. You can also login to view benefits, view status of your claims, print ID cards, order contact lenses and access other forms and documents. If you have any additional questions, please call our Customer Service Representatives toll free at 1-888-729-5433, Ext. 2013.

  • When scheduling your appointment, identify yourself as an "AlwaysCare Vision – Starmount Member." Depending on the Provider, your vision benefit information may best be accessed by using one of the names listed above.
  • If your Provider requests your "employer’s name," please provide your "Corporate Employer’s Name" listed on the front of your card.
  • For any questions, your Provider should contact our Customer Service Department. We will work directly with you and the Provider.
  • Your AlwaysCare Vision Provider will take care of the rest!
We encourage you to submit names and addresses of vision providers not listed on our website whom you would like us to contact. We will begin immediate recruitment to have them become part of our network for your use.

Quick Tips:

  • AlwaysCare is now offering AlwaysVision Members the opportunity to purchase contact lenses online at exceptional prices. AlwaysVision Members may use their available vision benefits to help pay for their purchases. Visit to order now!
  • Your plan allowance for the purchase of contact lenses has 2 components: a fitting service (which is completed by your eye doctor), and the contact lenses you purchase. You may apply your plan allowance to either or both of these components. Many providers (including Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, For Eyes Optical, and others) assign a portion of your plan allowance toward the fitting service which is then deducted (along with any applicable plan co-pay ) from the amount your plan will pay toward contact lens materials. If you have not had a fitting service, please remind your provider so they can help you understand your benefits and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Your vision exam benefit entitles you to a comprehensive eye exam of principal vision functions including but not limited to, case history, examination for pathology or anomalies, job visual analysis, refraction, visual field testing and tonometry, if indicated.
  • Material upgrades like polycarbonate lenses, transition lenses, tinting and others are not covered benefits.
  • The vast majority of contact lens purchases are considered “elective,” since most people can elect glasses or contacts. Contact lenses are considered “Medically Necessary” when your Provider has determined that contact lenses are optically necessary to correct visual function and glasses are not an option. Purchase of “Medically Necessary” contacts must be approved in advance by AlwaysCare.
  • Contact lenses may be selected in lieu of frames and eyeglass lenses. However, your plan will not cover both in one benefit year.
  • You may select any frames or contact lenses. AlwaysCare will pay up to the available plan allowance.
  • Safety eyewear is not covered.

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